Watching right now the replay of last night’s Gandang Gabi Vice episode. Dra. Belo is such a funny person pala. Love her!

Why do I hate cats?

Ailurophobia. Fear of cat.

It all started when I was in my junior year in high school. I went to Philex Mines in Tuba, Benguet to spend my summer vacation with my relatives.

We had a dinner and obviously, dish washing is a part of it afterwards. Luckily, it was my schedule to do it since we always do the chore rotation. Excess food were scraped from the dishes and have to placed it on the rubbish bin outside of my Uncle’s house. Just as I was about to throw it, a black cat was staring at me. The way the cat looked at me was horrifying. After that encounter with the black cat, I never had the courage to look at any photographs of the evil-like creatures, watch them on videos, and be even near them.

At my age, it’s just embarrassing having this kind of fear. But this is really a serious problem of mine. Anyhow, never ever ask me to conquer my fear or face my fear because I will never like cats anymore.


Changes lie ahead that are beyond our reality. Who knows what the future brings? But whatever happens, we have two fundamental choices: play it safe or play it smart by preparing, getting educated and awakening your own financial genius.

Rich Dad, Poor Dad